Construction has been very busy over the summer months and although it is not always noticeable behind the fencing at the site, a lot of progress has been made on the structure below ground.

The YMCA building will start to be visible by late fall.  Currently, efforts are focused on the construction of the YMCA and Pavilion mechanical spaces, YMCA pool mechanical and the pool itself!

The YMCA has been working closely with our development and construction partner, Southwest Properties, as well as the many consultants involved in this project – including architectural, interior design, structural, mechanical and electrical, and a pool consultant – to deliver a top notch, efficient and sustainable YMCA designed for the people of Halifax and for many generations to come.

Once our interior designs are finalized, we look forward to showing off your new YMCA Centre of Community and ultimately opening our doors in April 2019 – a mere 17 months away!

We recently updated our signage on the construction site fencing for a Nocturne exhibit and to tie-in with the Original Social Network campaign. If you’re in the area, take a walk by and see if you can spot some familiar faces!