Made possible thanks to the support from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth has launched a new Gender-Based Violence Prevention Project (GBVP) through their YMCA Centre for Immigrant Programs. The project began in September 2017 with a focus on working with newcomer children, youth, and families to raise awareness about gender-based violence and how to access available resources within their community. The Project also focuses on capacity building of service providers to engage, support and better understand how gender-based violence impacts newcomer communities. Programming developed through the GBVP focuses on building healthy relationships, strong families, and providing information about preventing gender-based violence. We invited youth to participate in a Forum Theatre Workshop (video above) that got them thinking and talking about, a variety of social issues including racism, sexism and Islamophobia.  This recorded session is used as a tool in the project. To view more resources on our Gender-Based Violence Prevention Project please click below:
Gender-Based Violence Prevention Manual

Video Facilitator Guide

Engaging Young Men in Gender-Based Violence Prevention

For more information about Gender-Based Violence Prevention and upcoming workshops please contact:

Zahra Dhubow 
Facilitator, Gender-Based Violence Prevention Project

Kathryn Bates-Khan
Manager, Gender-Based Violence Prevention Project

Briana Miller
Coordinator, Gender-Based Violence Prevention Project

Derek Smith
Programmer, Men’s Action Project
Gender-Based Violence Prevention Program