“I even eat onions now!” exclaims London with a distinct sense of pride. London has been taking part in the Community YMCA’s Kids in the Kitchen program and is excited to try new healthy foods.

London and her friend Tyrene have been learning about nutrition and how to make healthy meals. Their two favourite things they have learned to make are smoothies and salads. Tyrene likes to put chicken, cheese, croutons, carrots and dressing on her salad, while London prefers cucumbers, apples, onions, dressing and cheese on hers.

The Kids in the Kitchen program, for ages six through 17, is designed to combat childhood obesity by teaching kids about nutrition and serving sizes while they get hands-on experience with food preparation, cooking and baking. According to London and Tyrene, the lessons seem to be sinking in. London says, “I even ask Mom to make salads at home.”