As a wilderness camp, outtripping is one of the largest and most popular elements of our Big Cove YMCA Camp programming. Outtrips are wilderness expeditions where the cabin group leaves the main camp site and either hikes or paddles to a wilderness camp site to spend the night.

Big Cove YMCA Camp is regarded nationwide as one of the premiere outtripping camps in Canada! Dating back to our ‘Voyager Trip’ days, Big Cove YMCA Camp’s tradition of a nature outtripping away from the main camp grounds, has been a consistent cornerstone, and  much loved feature, of the Big Cove experience since  it first began.

All campers participate in outtripping, with the exception of our youngest Little Big Cove campers. Each and every week at camp, regardless of the weather, all the other cabin groups go on an outtrip. Our ocean canoeing and hiking trips are a highlight for many of our campers!

Outtrips can range from a one-night outing that our younger campers go on, or a 12-day wilderness excursion for our Leadership campers. Big Cove YMCA Camp is committed to providing safe, yet challenging outtrips suitable for the age of the campers.

Overview of outtrip lengths:

Program Outtrip Length
Little Big Cove N/A
Junior One night
Senior One to three nights
Leadership I 10 nights
Leadership II 10 nights


Our ocean canoeing and backpacking trips are a highlight for many of our campers. Outtrips provide youth with a sense of accomplishment, while teaching them about teamwork and resourcefulness. For many of our campers, their Big Cove YMCA Camp experience will be their first of wilderness camping. The warm waters of Northumberland Strait, combined with the natural shelter of Merigomish Harbour allows for and safe and spectacular ocean canoeing experience. Ocean canoe trips are always filled with a stunning view, gorgeous sunsets, and incredibly rich wildlife.