Our four Big Cove YMCA Camp programs are designed to help youth grow as individuals while promoting cooperation and teamwork with others in a safe, supportive community. The YMCA’s philosophy of spirit, mind and body helps to guide our programs in enhancing self-awareness, confidence, trust and responsibility.

We provide a wide variety of exciting, interactive programs and ensure that there is a little something for everyone. Campers and senior staff work together with our counselors to design weekly schedules with a balance of cabin group activities and all camp programs.

Little Big Cove 3 days 6 to 12 3:1
Junior Program 6 or 13 days 7 to 11 4:1
Senior Program 6 or 13 days 12 to 15 4:1
Leadership 1 27 days 15 to 16 4:1
Leadership 2 27 days 16 to 17 4:1