Star Program (6 to 12 yrs)

Star Program (6 to 12 yrs)

Star 1

The first level of our YMCA Star Program is for children who have completed the Swimmer level in our Learn to Swim program. In this class, kids will learn to use the whip kick on their back and the egg-beater motion for treading water. We will help your child continue to develop front and back crawl technique and endurance. We also introduce your child to other aspects of swimming such as competitive swimming, lifesaving, synchronized swimming, aquatic fitness, and water polo.

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Star 2

The second level of our YMCA Star Program, we focus on the backstroke, and continue to help kids refine their stroke technique and increase their endurance.

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Star 3

The third level of our YMCA Star Program, in this level your child will focus on the breaststroke and egg-beater motion for treading water, while continuing to build endurance in the pool. We will also introduce young swimmers to introductory lifesaving concepts.

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Star 4

The fourth level of our YMCA Star Program, in this level we will help your child focus on the sidestroke, and we will continue to introduce lifesaving skills.

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Star 5

The fifth level of our YMCA Star Program, we will introduce the butterfly stroke along with lifesaving and first aid elements from the Rookie and Ranger levels of the Canadian Swim Patrol program.

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Star 6

 The sixth level of our YMCA Star Program, swimmers will continue to develop lifesaving and first aid skills at the Ranger and Star level of the Canadian Swim Patrol program. They will also begin to learn how to teach others to swim.

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Star 7

The Seventh level of our YMCA Star Program, bridges to the YMCA Assistant Swim Instructor and Lifesaving Society’s Bronze programs. In addition to first aid and lifesaving skills, swimmers will also continue to build their abilities by selecting from a list of optional skills to learn, including advanced strokes, water polo, synchronized swimming, or aquatic fitness.

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Swim Lessons Registration Open Monday

We are excited to begin offering swimming lessons on Monday, February 8! Join us in registering for swimming lesson on Monday February 1, 2021  To register: Online - BEGINNING at 7:00 am HERE In-person - BEGINNING at 9:00 am Please note that registrations cannot be completed via voicemail or email. Should you have any questions, please contact our Welcome Desk team by phone, 902-423-9622 ext. 0, or email, PARENTS & TOTS (6mos to 3 yrs) Sign up LEARN TO SWIM (6 to 12 yrs) Sign up STAR PROGRAM (6 to 12 yrs) Sign up ADULT & TEEN SWIM LESSONS (13 yrs +) Sign [...]

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