30 11, 2018

Brian Posavad


  Brian Posavad is the President and CEO of the YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth and has worked and volunteered for the YMCA since his early years as a camper and staff. He currently supports a dedicated team of community builders that are focused on making Halifax a more inclusive and vibrant community.  Prior to this, Brian served as [...]

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5 11, 2018

YMCA Peace Week


YMCA PEACE WEEK MEDAL Submit your nominations! YMCA Peace Medal - "165 Years of Peace" As part of YMCA Peace Week, YMCAs across Canada present the YMCA Peace Medal to individuals or groups who, without any special resources, status, wealth or position, demonstrate a commitment to the values of P-E-A-C-E through contributions made within [...]

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5 10, 2018

2018 Langille Scholarship Winners


Nusaiba Nur has been involved with her community in many different ways. She started out volunteering with the Centre for Immigrant programs, including the YMCA Canada Connects program. She was a YMCA Summer Youth Exchange Trip Facilitator last summer and has just recently finished her role as a local coordinator for the YMCA Summer Work [...]

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12 09, 2018

Children’s Fest Event Recap


Where can you find princesses, trains and alpacas in the same place? The YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth joined Hatfield Farms and Little Princess Parties Halifax, along with some other friends from the Spring Garden Area Business Association, at the 6th Annual Children’s Festival on Sunday, August 12th in Victoria Park for a few hours of [...]

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12 09, 2018

Community Y BBQ Event Recap


We made the front cover of the Halifax Citizen for September 11! Our Community YMCA End of Summer BBQ was a huge success! Music and laughter could be heard around the block on Thursday, August 30th 2018 as friends and neighbours gathered together to celebrate the closing of another great summer in Halifax’s [...]

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27 08, 2018

YMCA Nova Scotia Works Peace Week


The YMCA Nova Scotia Works centres of Greater Halifax and Dartmouth, advocate for all community members that are interested in finding new and alternative employment options. We work to bridge the connection between employers and prospective employees, our clients, by providing a compassionate and safe environment where all stakeholders are able to feel welcomed and [...]

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31 10, 2017

Championing Inclusion


Miriam Zitner is a proud member of the YMCA Board of Directors. Alongside Miriam’s busy schedule she never hesitates to volunteer her time, effort and resources to the YMCA. Miriam says she was, “fortunate to have been able to grow up with a supportive, broad minded and very giving family.” This is why volunteering comes [...]

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31 10, 2017

Expanding Employment Services


Rebekah Skeete always believed once the YMCA of Greater Halifax became a Nova Scotia Works Employment Services Centre, the organization would be able to help people throughout the region gain meaningful employment. After a successful rebranding, which took place a little more than a year ago when the YMCA was granted the contract to deliver the [...]

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31 10, 2017

Ultimate Canadian Experience – Part 2


Ahmad Al-Helwani wanted to say thank you to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for making it possible to come to Canada and he had that opportunity while spending the country’s 150th birthday in the nation’s capital. The 12-year old Syrian refugee and his family – his mother, father, sister and brother - left Damascus in 2014 [...]

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22 09, 2017

We’ve reached 93% of our target!


The Capital Campaign for the John W. Lindsay YMCA went over the $8.4 million mark at the end of August. We currently we have raised $8,426,679 of our $9,000,000 million goal! Our Capital Campaign Cabinet volunteers, led by John Lindsay Jr, are now focused on a narrower set of opportunities, as we make the transition [...]

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