Frequently Asked Questions about the Community Y Panthers Basketball Program:

What if I have a problem with the coach or Club?

Dispute Resolution Policy – – It is the policy of Community Y Panthers Basketball Program that, in the event of a dispute (e.g., between a parent and a coach), the matter be treated according to our “24-72 hour rule”. This rule dictates that, provided the incident is not an emergency, the complainant wait 24 hours before making their case. The communication should be made directly to the Manager of Child and Youth Programs at the YMCA of Greater Halifax/ Dartmouth, either in writing or verbally. Once the message has been received, the Manager of Child and Youth Programs will review the communication and respond to the person who initiated it with a decision, clarification, or request for more information. This response will be made within 72 hours. In the event of an unresolved disagreement between the Program and a player and/or parent, the Program reserves the right to refund the player’s fee and rescind their membership.

The YMCA Community Y Panthers Basketball Program will do everything possible to resolve the issue.

Playing in age group

All Panthers players will play in their age group. No exceptions. Players are not allowed to play down an age group, regardless of their grade, as per MBANS rules.

Players that have completed 2 years of the skills and drills program OR the Jr. NBA program will be allowed to enter the U10 program early with permission from their coach.

How long does the season last?

The season extends into February with the MBA playoffs wrapping-up around the third week in February. However, after the MBA playoffs are complete, many teams will continue to practice into March if they will be entering Basketball Nova Scotia’s Provincial tournament or the U10 Jamboree. Dates of Play are available on and Provincial dates are available at These are also available on our website.

Please note; due to Covid 19, the season will consist of 10 games beginning February 6, 2021 unless otherwise directed by Public Health. There will be no playoffs or extra tournaments this season.

When can I expect practices and games to begin?

After evaluations are complete, teams are assembled and coaches assigned, you can expect to receive an email from your coach notifying you of the date and time they have chosen to run their practices. Practices to begin the week of October 15th, 2019 for U10, U12 and U14. Practices for U16 and U18 will be late

October. The first Metro Basketball Association games are as follows:

When are evaluations held?

Assessments normally begin mid-September. There will be a detailed schedule on our website regarding evaluation date and times as soon as gym time is confirmed.

Are uniforms provided?

Uniforms are provided once teams are set. They stay with your child throughout the season and must be returned to your coach at the end of the year. We will be collecting a uniform deposit post dated cheque of $50.00 from all players. If you return your uniform, the cheque will NOT be cashed.

What is the Jr. NBA Program?

Jr. NBA is the nationally recognized introductory basketball “skills and drills” program for our youngest players. The program is geared towards the Grade 1- 2 age group (ages 5-7). Practices will be 45 minutes long starting on Mondays or Tuesdays late October and will run for 10 weeks. All of our coaches will be trained and certified to run this skills program. Children must turn 5 by December 31 of the current year in order to register for this program. Space will be limited to 20 participants per session.

Financial Assistance Program at the YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth

Our goal is to eliminate financial barriers and provide as many people as possible

with the opportunity to participate in YMCA programs and services that help make life healthier and happier.

As a charity, the YMCA raises money year-round to help those who may be unable to participate in YMCA life-enhancing programs and services for financial reasons. We help open the doors to participation to everyone.

We’d love to help you and your family reach your full potential by removing any financial barriers to participation in YMCA programs you may face. You have the opportunity to receive Financial Assistance, whether or not you are currently registered for a YMCA program. Current YMCA program participants are also able to receive financial assistance for other programs within the YMCA! Please contact our Registrar for more information.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds will be provided for withdrawals prior to October 10, 2019 for U10, U12, U14, U16, U18. All requests must be made in writing (by email) to the YMCA Registrar. Once a player is registered and attends a practice or game, they are considered to be a member of the Community Y Panthers Basketball Program. It is very difficult when players decide to withdraw at this point, or switch to other clubs. At this point, refunds will NOT be given. We may consider medical or family reasons, and requests should be made in writing to the YMCA Registrar to be considered by the YMCA Manager of Child and Youth Programs.

When a player has registered with and is selected to a Division 1 or 2 High School team (A or B) and does not play any games with the Community Y Panthers Basketball Program, a refund will be provided.

Are there any other costs over and above the registration fee?

The other cost(s) would be if your team decides to enter a tournament or participate in the Nova Scotia Provincial Championships. These fees must be covered by your team and range from $300-$450 per team per tournament.

What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee covers fees for evaluations, weekly practices, a weekly league Metro Basketball Association game (which includes gym fees, referees and a scorekeeper), a limited amount of insurance, a Basketball Nova Scotia fee and a Canada Basketball fee and all other fees associated with running the Club.

When will my child’s weekly MBA game occur?

U10 and U12 teams play on Saturdays. U14, U16 and U18 teams play on Sundays. These games are not scheduled by the Community Y Panthers Basketball program- they are scheduled by the Metro Basketball Association coordinators. The season runs from October through to February. Games can be

played at any gym within HRM. The first three games are usually scheduled one week at a time, then teams are realigned as needed before the rest of the games are scheduled. You can check their website once the season starts at for schedules, scores and gym locations.

My child has other activities during the week. Can you tell me what night his/her basketball practice would be so I can ensure there won’t be conflicts?

During the registration period (mid-August thru early-September), information as to which night your child will be practicing is not available. This information only becomes available once registration closes, evaluations are held, and teams are assembled (normally in late September, early October). Because we are working with limited gym availability and volunteer coaches’ schedules, it isn’t guaranteed there won’t be conflicts.

Teams will practice once or twice per week during the weeknights (exact day and time of the practice is set once we determine coaches and practice hours at the schools). Practice times range Monday to Friday, 6-10 pm at an HRM school and/or community gym.

What are the age cut offs for the different levels?

When you register, we will automatically put your child in the appropriate division according to their age. The 2020/2021 Registration Levels as per are:

Age Requirements:

14.1 The term “current season” shall be defined as the normal period of operation for the MBA extending from September of one year until May of the following year.

14.2 To be eligible to play in Under 10, a player must not have reached the age of 10 prior to January 1st of the current season.

14.3 To be eligible to play in Under 12, a player must not have reached the age of 12 prior to January 1st of the current season.

14.4 To be eligible to play in Under 14, a player must not have reached the age of 14 prior to January 1st of the current season.

14.5 To be eligible to play in Under 16, a player must not have reached the age of 16 prior to January 1st of the current season.

14.6 To be eligible to play in Under 18, a player must not have reached the age of 18 prior to October 1st of the current season.

14.7 Subject to Rule 13.8, players may play up in older age classes but shall not be permitted to play down in younger age classes.

14.8 In extenuating circumstances, the MBA Executive, by majority vote, may permit a player to play in a lower class.

NOTE: The cut-off date for the age classes follows the dates for school registrations which was originally set at October 1st. This has changed to January 1st and the cut-off will roll forward with the school registration dates. The eligibility date for the age classes will change from October 1st to January 1st of the current season in the years indicated below:

  • Under 14 – 2017/18 season
  • Under 16 – 2019/20 season
  • Under 18 – 2021/22 season

What are the fees for each division?

U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18 is $150 for the 2020/2021 season. You must pay your registration fee at the time you register. You will not be allowed to register your child without payment. If this causes financial challenges for you, please see below for our Financial Assistance Program.

Privacy Policy

The Community Y Panthers Basketball Program will never share, sell, or rent individual personal information with anyone without your advance permission. Information submitted to the Program is available to YMCA management, YMCA coaches, the Halifax Metro Basketball Association and Basketball Nova Scotia for purposes of operating the Program and associated league.