2901, 2019

“I love that I can relate to my clients. I can tell them my story.”

January 29 2019|

Kim Marsman has been with the YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth for 10 years. Read her Y Story. "My proudest moments include having the opportunity to work in a place that allows me to connect [...]

412, 2018

George “Marshmallow” Forsyth

December 4 2018|

To the children from the YMCA Child Care programs he was known simply as “Marshmallow.” A jokester at heart, George Forsyth was always excited to take part in the Grand Friends program at the Camp [...]

2011, 2018

Acting for Peace

November 20 2018|

It's YMCA Peace Week! This week we celebrate the existing peace in our communities, and those to contribute to building and maintaining that peace. You can check out our full week of programming here. Hear [...]

611, 2018

Big Cove Staff

November 6 2018|

When I think of Big Cove the first thing that comes to my mind is more of a feeling. It’s a warm hug and a calming of your mind and heart. An amalgamation of culture [...]

3010, 2018

Midya Hamo

October 30 2018|

"I'm always at the YMCA" Midya Hamo, 15, came from Syria about two years ago with her family. Besides her parents, she also has three brothers and one sister here. She has two sisters who [...]